3 Ways to Get a Viral Video on Youtube

What could YouTube today? I’m going to be telling you guys three ways to help your videos go viral. Now in this post I want to tell you guys three different methods to help increase the chance of one of your videos going viral. Now if you guys have been on YouTube for a while you’ll notice that viral videos can come from anywhere

whether it be a big channel with millions of subscribers or Channel with 5 or 0 subscribers.

A viral video is something that can pretty much come from anywhere any channel at any time and I’m going to show you guys how to increase your chances of doing that.

Step: 1

Good Thumbnail

The first big step to making a viral video is having a good thumbnail now when people are scrolling through videos they’re going to click on the video with the thumbnail that catches their  attention the most in order to do this. You need to choose a point in time in your video that you think will grab somebody’s attention so I decided to grab some thumbnails from different genres of videos each one of these thumbnails has something in it that made a viewer click on it. Now in this first case

A video posted by markiplier it features five nights at Freddy’s now when the video was posted that video game five nights at Freddy’s was absolutely blowing up which is one of the main reasons why this video went viral. Now this is an example of a thumbnail that features something trending. If you guys have seen a lot of videos featuring fidget spinners in their thumbnails have gone viral and that’s just for the case that people like to see things that are trending. So if you guys take advantage of anything that’s trending and throw it in your thumbnail. You guys will have an increased chance of getting a viral video now this next summer will actually feature something extreme. If you guys go through certain parts of YouTube you’ll notice that there’s different types of extreme videos out there and this thumbnail is a perfect representation of what you can do when you post something like that. All this person did was take a picture from the top of a cliff that they jumped off of and that was enough to make the video go viral. Now this third example is the epitome of what click bait is. If you guys notice a lot of youtubers have been posting the touch my body challenges and other things that feature something somewhat sexualized so that’s a really good way of getting views as well and obviously this video went extremely viral with 206 million views. Now again not every thumbnail is going to help your video go viral but if you guys get the thumbnail just right you may have a viral video.

Step: 2

To have a ranking on YouTube of Google

Now the second step to having one of your videos go viral is to have a ranking on YouTube of Google now when looking up a video viewers typically go to the first video that pops up.

So getting ranked first on YouTube is crucial when trying to go viral. If you guys want to know exactly how to get the first position on YouTube in Google.

I’ll leave a link in the description to one of the posts that I made last week talking about how to rank on YouTube and Google. It all relies on descriptions tags and shares and the more keywords that you have in the tags and description the better chance you have of taking the first spot on Google and YouTube and overall having a better chance of having one of your videos go viral.

Step: 3

Share content on Reddit (website)

So the third and final way I have to help you guys get one of your videos to go viral is through the use of reddit.

Guys get enough votes you can end up on the front page. Now the one cool thing about this is if you end up posting something very useful or informative and you get to the front page you’re going to get a ton of traffic to either your website or your video. Now I want to show you guys how effective this is with one of the posts I made two years ago.

So like I sent around 2 or 3 years ago I actually used to upload highlight streams from a league of Legends player named I’m a cutie-pie and there was one clip that I uploaded to Reddit titled. We might as well move to Korea too now as you guys can see I have the account I’m a cutie-pie official which was the post that was made here and it’s also the account that I’m logged into now what’s interesting about.

This is once it made it to the front page it got 154 uploads now that’s actually a ton of up votes for something in the community of League of Legend. So when we actually click on the video here you guys will see that the video itself has 36,000 views now at the time we only had around 100 subscribers so when you take a look at the 36,000 views compared to the 100 subscribers. You can see how quickly a video can gain traction on a website like Reddit. Alright guys that’s it for this post but if you want to see one of your ideas featured in this post be sure to comment your idea at us.


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