9 Traits should have to become a successful Youtuber

Just a few years ago, no one would have thought it would be possible to earn millions of dollars simply by having a YouTube channel. But these days, the popular video platforms have become the source of revenue for thousands of creators, even kids can build multi-million dollar empires just by producing contents. That doesn’t mean that running a channel and earning a livable income from it is easy, though. If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can learn everything you need to read full article to make successful channel.

To be a successful Youtuber you have to follow some basic guidelines/rules, knowing to differentiate what works from what doesn’t, and being open to try out different YouTube tips and adapt them to your channel.

In this post you will find the essential tips for starting a Youtube channel the right way. I will also go over some tips on how to grow your Youtube channel and keep improving your skills for better results. Keep reading…

1. Check the availability of your name overall

Did you come up with a catchy, memorable, and perfect name for your channel?

Don’t push enter yet. Most beginners mistake of coming up with the name, check its availability on Youtube, and go with it. Before call the shots on this decision, take a moment to also examine other platforms.

Where to look for availability?

You will be using social platform to promote your channel, so you’ll have to set up social pages related to your YouTube channel there. You will not stumble into problems with your page names as you can have the same name as other people. But, besides the name, on the most of the social platforms you also have a username people use to find you easier or to @mention you in posts. You can see this on Twitter more often, but you can also have a username on Facebook.

Take a moment to see if the name you choose is available or not on these platforms. It is best to have the same username on every platform because it makes easier for people to find you. You can use a tool like namecheckr.com to verify the username on all social platforms.

If you are struggling for choosing the best name for your youtube channel, here you’ll find a guide to help you out.

Picked a name that’s available everywhere?

It’s time to take ownership on them. Create accounts on every social platform you can think of after you decided on your name. Even if you do not active on all social media platforms in the beginning, you want to make sure that nobody will steal your username in the meantime.

Tip for promoting your videos on social media

One important tip I can give you regarding social media do not try to promote your channel everywhere when you’re just starting out on YouTube. There are lots of social channels, and each of them is used differently. In order to be successful, you must first learn how they work, what the users want, and what you need to do.

Trying to master all of them in starting is overwhelming, and usually ends up with poor results.

The best practice is, to pick 1 (one) or 2 (two) channels and master those. In time, you will be able to add more social channels to your strategy and grow your channel further.

2. Have fun

What is your reason of getting started on Youtube?

You want to share one of your passions, aiming to make money on YouTube, or using YouTube to promote your business. Whatever the purpose of your creating YouTube channel is, make sure you enjoy what you are doing and you have fun of doing it. Even though you want to become a successful Youtuber as a way of making money, passion still has to be the main motor driving your business.

Why is passion so important?

People can feel easily the difference between speaking with passion and speaking because you have to. If you are not excited, your audience will not be either. And guess what? Viewers will not spend time watching videos on channel when the creator himself is not excited about the topic. Having a genuine interest in the subject you are covering a crucial element on how to start a successful Youtube channel.

Is the niche you choose exciting enough for you to keep interested long-term? If not, you may take some more time and find something you are all-in about.

3. Use customized thumbnails

How does a user’s journey to videos unfold?

Usually, you type in a search query on Youtube related to what you are looking for. Then a list of video results and you choose the one that’s the most intriguing to you.

How to have a high CTR?

There are 2 elements that contribute to a great video click-through rate (CTR) – the title and the thumbnail. If these are not compelling enough, they won’t make people click on your video. One of the best tips for making Youtube video gain a neat click-through rate (CTR) is to use awesome thumbnails.

Every time you create a new video, take 2-3 more minutes to also create a customized thumbnail to use when you upload the video on own channel. It is basically click-baiting, but make sure you are not deceiving from your audience by advertising more than your video has to offer.

4. Stay consistency

Want to build a successful YouTube channel?

Of course you do, why am I asking? Then you must posting content regularly. You can’t just post once in two or three months and expect to have an engaged following to watch your videos. To keep your audience interested in your channel you must be active regulerly.

The best practice is to let your viewers know when you’re going to upload new videos and keep up with your promises.

How often should you upload new videos?

It depends on what kind of channel you have had. With vlogs, For example, you have to post more often, even on a daily basis or once in two days. For other channels, posting once in a week is a good practice.

Whatever schedule you choose, make sure you will deliver what you promised. If you tell your audience you will be posting atleast one content on every Saturday but you don’t, your viewers will lose the trust in you and your channel will take a hit. Think about how much time you have available for producing videos before you decide on your posting schedule that’s why you don’t overpromise. And don’t just think about the next few months. Also, consider your long-term plans.

This is an important beginners tips for starting a channel on Youtube platform because most beginners underestimate the power of getting your followers used to a certain schedule.

5. Organize with playlists

Everybody hates a mess.

Heading down to a channel spending time scrolling to find the videos that interest you, usually ends with a “nobody got time for this” decision.

How to keep viewers on your channel?

So you make it easiest for your audience to search through your videos, there’s an easy solution – playlists. When you have more videos uploaded related to the same topic, make them in a playlists.

There are more benefits of using playlists.

  • Playlists increase your audience retention rate, which is a big metric of Youtube ranking. If someone watches any video by clicking on it from a playlist, the playlist will be active and the videos in it with automatically play one after another. This increases the time viewers are spending watching your videos.
  • More of your videos on the same niche will be displayed as suggestions, which means there are higher chances viewers will be kept on your channel.

6. Create connections to collaborate

Collaborations are one of the most powerful tips for Youtubers to be successful.

You find and examine other creators relevant to your niche, come up with a video collaboration, and gain access to the other creators’ followers. It’s an easy approach to increase more subscribers that all successful Youtubers do.

What makes for a successful collaboration?

The most important things when it comes to collaborations is that the other video creator must be relevant to your audience. If you collaborate with someone unrelated to your niche, his subscribers will not be interested in your channel and vice versa. There are more things or/and ways that make for a successful collaboration, but relevance is the main concern.

Still, do not get your hopes up to collaborate with big Youtubers because it most likely will not happen. Popular Youtubers receive tons of submissions to collaborate, and they have nothing to gain by getting in business with small channels. Focus to collaborate with Youtubers that are on the same level with you.

How to get in touch with others?

To reach out to other contents creators for collaboration, first, build a good relationship with them. You do not want to pitch them directly without taking some time to interact with their contents. Examine their videos, comment on them, share. Follow them on social media and share their content there. Once you will be familiar with their videos and you developed a genuine connection, you can suggest them the idea of making a video together.

7. Respond to viewers requests

Did someone leave a comment asking for a certain video for specific topic?

What are you waiting for? If your audience leaves comments on video for asking you to cover specific topics it means they are interested in, give them what they want.

Why is crucial to pay attention to your audience on?

The best Youtube tips for success, do revolve around paying attention to your audience. The videos you have to create, you do them for your people. And what best way to know what type of content to create if not through a direct indication from your audience?

Always pay close attention to the comments (on video) and see if someone suggests improvements to your videos, asks questions, or requests certain topics. When you get a comment like this, take it into account. Viewers comments are the most valuable niche of content ideas and improvement hints.

8. Keep studying other videos

How often do you mindfully watch other Youtube videos?

You want to do it a lot. And not just to watch them. But to really pay attention to them. Take a look at other channels and ask yourself “what makes a good Youtube channel best?”.

How to learn from others?

Study time to time what others are doing right and steal their approach. When you see something enjoy, like a video effect, or an interesting intro, find out how you can do them for your videos. You have to collect ideas from other video creators and use them in your own video creation. That is how you will come to understand what works, what keeps viewers entertained, and how to make the best out of your videos.

You could dive even further and also study movies. NOTICE what frames they use and find out how they do it. You will have to learn how to take various shots, how to properly capture different settings, and even how to use music in the videos without it being too much. By observing how others do it, you will know how to enhance your skills.

Learning is a never ending process that lets you to get better and better each time.

9. Always analyze the results

How will you know what to improve about your videos in the future?

The views count, likes and the number of subscribers you get are not the only metrics you should consider when deciding how good a video did. You will get valuable insights by paying close attention to Youtube Analytics. If you want to viral contents and grow your channel, analyzing the results is not something to overlook.

What to use YouTube Analytics for?

By Youtube Analytics you get data about your audience like Demographics and Age. By knowing who is watching your videos you will be able to improve your content based on your targeted audience.

You can also see the watch time (in minutes) and insights about viewers’ behavior. Are the people watching just the first 5 seconds of your video than bail? You could draw a conclusion that your intro must be changed. Is there a portion of your single video that people keep rewatching? It can mean they enjoy what you do there and you should do more of that in the future.

Make a habit of yourself to always analyze the performance of your videos after uploading. Making a successful YouTube channel means having data to support your actions rather than shooting blank.


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