Choosing a Suitable Domain Name: 4 Simple Steps

If you are going to have a blog then you will need to secure a domain name. You will also need to register with a web hosting company. In this post, I will provide 4 simple steps to help you to discover a domain name appropriate for your niche and topic.

1. Decide what your blog or site will be about.

This is really your first step. Choosing a domain name is much difficult if you don’t know what you will write about. Know your target audience is going to be. You can use your name or variances of it. Your name provides you with some freedoms. One of them being that if your topic changes over time you will still have a working domain name.

When writing about a narrow niche topic such as vegetarian cooking like this … using your name will not be the best choice.
In this case, you will have to select an available domain name with your working title.

2. Keep it short.

The ideal domain name is 2 short words or one word. This is not usually possible unless you use your first and last name. Having said that, you might still face the challenge many others before you have…with your preferred domain name being unavailable.

The reality is it is very tough to secure a 2-word domain name but not entirely impossible.

If you succeed in finding a two-word domain name you’re in luck!
Such domain names are like gold these days!

A combination of three words may work well as an alternative.
The most important thing is to keep it to as short as possible.

As a wise teacher once suggested to me…
Enjoy the process. Have fun creating your blog or site.

This is your beginning!

3. Alternatively Select Domain Name

You can alternatively choose your domain name and craft a working title from it.

This is exactly what I did. My chosen domain name address is of an english word.
My last name wasn’t available so as an alternative I used hindi word. “premium” and hindi word “soch (सोच)” together to create my two-word domain name (

Let’s say you want to blog about cooking.

The best vegetarian cooking recipes from around the world.

suppose the title you want “The Best Vegetarian Cooking Recipes From Around The World“…
That is you have is a long title. In this title is a great domain name, title, and tagline.

Taglines provide your readers with a brief snippet of what your site or blog is about.

How can you make this title work with your domain name, title, and tagline description?

You could short it to create a domain name out of this long title.

For example;

Vegetarian Cooking with a tagline The Best Vegetarian Cooking Recipes From Around The World.
It is more than likely which vegetarian cooking is unavailable.

You can personalize it with your first name before it.

For example;

Title: Cori’s Vegetarian Cooking
Tagline: The best recipes from around the world.

Domain name:

4. What do you choose? .com, .org, or .net?

There are many endings to select from but we aren’t going to go into all of them in this post. I’ve narrowed it down to the most popular three. These (domains) are the most commonly used top-level end to your domain name. All originally created with a unique purpose of their own. “.com, .net, .org” explained.

It is intended for the purpose of a profit-making commercial type use. This one is usually used for network related type domains sites using “.org” are typically used by those that had a non-profit organization. Many non-profit organizations use the “.org” ending. ORG stands for organizations.

In current day, most of the people do not focus so much on the differences between these endings to our URLs.
Using “.com” is still the most popular choice for most bloggers.


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