How To Earn Money Through Facebook

Hello friends, you all will be good today, Have you ever heard about online earning from Facebook? Do you know “how to get dollars by Facebook” ? There are many ways to earn online on Facebook. I will tell you how you can earn money from Facebook, and it is very easy in today’s time. I will tell you a good way to earn, so that you can earn money from Facebook. we will discuss in this article the most popular and simplest way. If you are interested in earning online from Facebook, then this article can help you.

Facebook is world’s most powerful social networking site because it has more than a billion of users around the world. That being said, millions of videos and photos are in the platform every day. Of course, it’s one of the best platform to earn money.

What is Facebook Ads programme?

Facebook, the world’s most popular social media platform, has opened up revenue opportunities for its users. From now, Facebook users can earn money by posting quality videos on their pages. Facebook users will have the opportunity to earn money through the ‘ad breaks’ feature of showing ads on videos posted on their pages. Videos uploaded by users that meet the conditions provided by Facebook can be earned only by adding the ads break feature to those videos. Videos uploaded to Facebook via the Ad Breaks program will show ads during play same as on YouTube. And in return for displaying these ads, facebook will pay to the video creator. But the benefits of this programme can be found on the Facebook page, not on any profile. They launched the facility in ten languages worldwide. The languages are – Arabic, English, French, German, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Bengali. Facebook said that 12 countries around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, India, was initially covered by the facility. The facility will be launched in several other countries very soon.

Eligibility required for video monetization

If you’ve worked on YouTube, you know that you have to meet certain conditions if you want to monetize video on that platform. Likewise, the Facebook page Monetize must also comply with certain conditions. This topic is discussed in more detail in the below section.

1) First of all, you have to create a Facebook page with minimum 10,000 likers or followers for video monetization.

2) In this case, the program cannot be launched on any Facebook profile or Facebook group instead of the Facebook page. Only Facebook Pages are suitable for this program.

3) The page on which you want to monetize (ads break), a video uploaded within 60 days must have at least 30,000 views. And durations of the video are more than 3 minutes long.

4) Cannot turn on monetization if a page has a copyright content on any video.

How to monetize video using Facebook Ads breaks program?

  1. To monetize a video on Facebook, you must have to access the Facebook Creator page.
  2. Then select the page on which you want to turn on video monetization.
  3. After selecting the page, click on the Apply button.
  4. Then click Check Eligibility to verify that the page you selected has met the monetization criteria.
  5. Or click on the Publishing Tools option on the page you want to monetize and click on Creator Studio on the left.
  6. Then, if your page fills all the pages criteria, your page’s monetization will be enabled.

Why facebook pays us?

Advertisements are posted on videos published by users on Facebook pages via Ad Breaks. And facebook will pay a certain amount of money from ad revenue to video creators. Ad-breaks ads will automatically appear on your video after enable monetizing your video in compliance with all Facebook terms. No need to do anything different.

Which videos are ineligible for monetization?

Not all videos uploaded to the Facebook page will be eligible for monetization. Here is some condition for the uploaded videos to get monetization.

  1. No slideshow or animated video is eligible for Facebook Video Monetization.
  2. Creating a video by using a specific part of the different video will not be acceptable for monetization.
  3. Any video that may create religious, ethnic, political and social violins will not be acceptable for monetization. Besides, Facebook does not provide monetization on any adult video.
  4. The content of the video must be your own.

How to withdraw earning amount from facebook

You can withdraw money from Facebook Video Monetization through a bank account same as YouTube. In this case, your account must have more than one hundred dollars. Without a hundred dollars, money can’t be raised.


Currently, millions of young people are making thousands of dollars by making YouTube videos. The introduction about Facebook video monetization has created new possibilities for these creators. With more Facebook users than YouTube in the country, our creative creators will now get benefit financially.


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