How to Start a YouTube Gaming Channel in 2021

Creating content around video games on YouTube has to be some of the most fun you can have on the platform, but getting discovered, maybe not so much. It’s not going to be as easy as hitting record on your next mine craft building session or wiping the floor with everybody in fortnight. So the purpose of this post is to help you get discovered on YouTube playing games in 2020, but even if you don’t have a gaming channel, don’t fret because a lot of this advice I think can be applied to several different genres of video on YouTube, so stick around.

Getting Discovered In Gaming in 2020

Let’s discuss the types of gaming content In order to figure that out, we have to question ourselves, well, what is YouTube? Ultimately, YouTube is a search engine. Now, that may seem obvious, but have you ever made a video titled Bob plays mine craft episode 12? That’s what I’m talking about. Nobody is going to search for the words Bob plays mine craft episode 12, and the next thing we have to ask ourselves is, well, what are we doing with search engines?

And the answer is answering questions. Whenever we think of something we need to know, we type it in onto YouTube and try and find a video that’s going to answer that question or cover that need. Perhaps it’s just to find something funny to get you through your lunch break. With that in mind, the types of content that I want you to be focused on when trying to get discovered in gaming on YouTube will be tips and tricks, reviews, tutorials. Cover a glitch, you found in a game or an Easter egg that you found. Maybe nobody else has found it.

The next time the game you are playing has some DLC that drops, pick it up right away, review it, and let people know if they should spend their money on it. May be you bought it and it was a terrible mistake, but that’s a great video right there. Everyone, for gatecrashing your video, but I have a burning question that I want to ask the gaming community here. Zelda Breath of the Wild on a Switch.

I just don’t get it, it is absolute – If you’re struggling to come up with ideas on what you could be covering around your game, check out most viewed tool. Type a search in for the game you’re playing, and see what people are watching in real time.

Focusing Your Channel On Just One Game

What videos are getting the most views these days? Not only will this help you figure out what your competition’s doing, but it’ll also help you figure out what questions people may be asking about your game which brings me to the second topic we need to cover, and that is focusing your channel on just one game.

The best thing you can do for your channel is become an authority on the game you’re playing. If you like to play Call of Duty, then you need to be creating Call of Duty videos so YouTube views you as the Call of Duty authority. The more videos you make on one game, the more data YouTube has to focus on when it’s trying to figure out what videos to recommend to people when they type in Call of Duty. First of all, it is the most boring Zelda game I have ever played.

Randomly wandering around a huge area when you have no idea where to go, and then all of a sudden hitting one enemy that kills me in one shot. That really does bug me. Now, for a lot of gaming channels, that’s a huge ask. One game per channel, that’s it.

If you don’t want to make a new channel every time you play a new game, look, I get it. I totally understand, and there are plenty of examples of people who didn’t have to make a new channel whenever they played a game that they don’t normally play, however, I want to stress two things. For one, play a game through and through.

Make sure that game is the primary game on your channel at least for a time, and secondly, when you do finally pivot be sure that the next game you are playing is at least similar to what you were playing before. If you have a mine craft channel, it’s probably be best if you played another survival, building, crafting game.

If you have a Call of Duty channel, it’d be best if you played another first-person shooter. These changes will help you keep your current audience from going and finding somebody else because they already like games similar to the one you’re playing. Item management, why does everything I use break? And look at this, look at how much food I’ve got. Why do I need to freaking cook everything?

If you’re playing a game that’s relatively popular and you’re just having some trouble coming up with ideas, may be check out the competitor tool. Type in specific channels and see how other people are covering the games that you are covering. Based on how your competitors’ videos are doing, you’re probably going to get some good insights into what you should be doing next.

Upload Frequency

The next thing, need to address is upload frequency. It is winsome, especially in gaming, to record hours on end of content and break it up into several videos so you have something every single day, and I understand that temptation, however, don’t do that. Since we already have you thinking about creating tutorials and reviews, those videos are going to take time, and I would highly recommend spending that time crafting each video to perfection.

Make sure your thumbnail’s nice, make sure your titles are researched and your tags and your description. Do the work because that is going to pay off. Every new video that you upload is going to be a new opportunity for somebody new to find users, so make sure every video is helpful to that end.

If you like to play a game through, make a long-term let’s play series, that’s okay, but I want you to do that knowing that what you’re doing is helping your current audience stay engaged, which there’s nothing wrong with doing that, but it does take time away from crafting those more discoverable, searchable videos.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Zelda. I’ve been playing the Zelda games for long years. I’ve even got all of the toys. I’ve told you to stick to one game. Do tutorials, do reviews, and try not to upload let’s plays everyday.

Use Your Communities

But how do we expand and how do we discover different types of content we can create to not only keep our watcher engaged, but keep us engaged with the game as well? And that’s where the community comes in around a game. When covering game videos on YouTube, try to immerse yourself in the community around it. If the game has a modding community, that’s great.

You can make videos that just kind of showcases different mods every week. If it’s a building game like mine craft, try and find servers that feature amazing builds. Tour them, show people new things they’ve never seen before. You’ll find once you’re discovering different communities within a game that people are creating challenges and playing the game in ways that no one ever imagined.

Try to do one of those challenges on your channel or better yet, come up with a way to play. Your game that no one’s thought of before and you make the challenge for someone else to do. You know what? May be that’s where I’m going wrong.

May be I should just go back to the classics, and I do because that is one of the best games I have ever played, and I come back to it every single decade, and that’s my recommendation for gaming. Of course, whenever you’re looking to research these ideas, I would highly recommend using the vidIQ search panel.

Go into that panel and start testing out different things because you’re going to find that sometimes there’s a search term that a lot of people are looking for and there’s not a lot of competition for the videos available to them. The easiest way to grow a channel on YouTube is to provide value.

Although it’s tempting to record four hours of game play footage and break it up into eight 30-minute videos, that’s not going to get you discovered. Become an expert in your game and answer the questions that people are searching for around it. Thanks for reading my post. Do comment and follow this site.


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